Research Study on Pregnancy Loss

The Institute of Reproductive Grief Care is conducting a study on pregnancy loss.

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My husband and I were not trying...

My husband and I were not trying so I was very shocked when I started noticing signs of pregnancy, I finally took the test and it was positive. I didn’t believe it so I took 6 more tests throughout the week. At the 8 week scan I was measuring smaller than expected and I knew something was wrong, I had to wait two more weeks until they could tell me if everything was ok or not. At 10 weeks they stated I had growth but not enough to be considered a viable pregnancy and I would have to wait another week to see if I miscarry naturally. At 11 weeks they gave me medication to assist the process and it was the most traumatic experience I have ever encountered, another week passes and I go for my check up and they advise I need surgery to remove the rest. I would be considered 12 weeks pregnant this week and I guess I still am because I still have positive pregnancy tests, I feel horrible mentally and physically and I just want this chapter to finally close. I knew a month ago something was wrong but my body betrayed me. My doctor on every check up has treated me like I’m just there for a flu shot, I want to be normal again and feel normal again.

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